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“The Wrist Charger, or as we like to call it, Bracer of Battery Life +2, straps comfortably to your wrist and plugs in to just about any electronic device you like.” - ThinkGeek.com


Kingdom Hearts Pokemon team

Ok so I’m trying to think of a pokemon team with KH character names and have the pokemon also be reminiscent of the characters. This is what I got so far. (I don’t care about it being competitive, just was bored and thought of something to do).

Sora: Klefki (Duh)
Kairi: Sylveon
Riku: Bisharp/shiny Aegislash

Ventus: shiny Swellow
Aqua: Vaporeon/Milotic
Terra: Nidoking/shiny Tyranitar

Roxas: Staraptor
Xion: Ditto (for shits and giggles)
Axel: Typhlosion/Infernape/Darmanitan

Any thoughts?

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I hope you rot in hell

I can’t stop laughing




Sean Bean is the fucking man.

It left out the part where he was defending a female friend from a creep in the fight and how he used a first aid kit to stitch up his own stab wound.

One does not simply walk into a hospital.

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So, earlier today our dear friend Amy pointed this out to us on twitter and it made us do a total double-take! 

Image 1: Season 2 & 3A opening credits
Image 2: Season 3B opening credits
Image 3: Season 4 opening credits

Fairly interesting, especially with the endless eye-color meta floating around for how long now? It would seem the opening credits may or may not have inadvertently been showing off the wide array of Derek Hale eye-colors!

Intentional or a fun coincidence? :D

(Disclaimer: We looked and looked to see if there was a similar post like this already on tumblr, so we could give credit where credit is due, but we couldn’t find anything. The inspiration and credit for this post is totally thanks to this tweet right here!)

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do you think the sheriff ever pauses his late night movie and calls melissa and hes like do you think dracula is real and melissa is like r u srs ?? 

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Can we call Kira x Malia Kirlia? It’s cute and it’s the name of a Pokemon.

Let it be known that this shall be the official shipping name. I mean it only makes sense, Kirlia wearing a tutu and dancing, and Kira and Malia with that extremely hot dance.

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  • Malia: Do what?
  • Stiles: I, I thought you just took off. I thought you were running
  • Malia: I was running
  • Stiles: No I mean I, like I thought you were leaving
  • Malia: I wouldn't leave without you
  • Stiles: Really?
  • Malia: No, I would never leave without you
  • Malia: *looks at Lydia and Kira* Them I would leave
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